Saint John Us Virgin Islands Accor Hotel

The Gallows Point Resort is located in an enviable location in a rocky bay, just steps from the beach and nightlife. We have a stunning view of the ocean of Cruz Baybebe with stunning views of the bay of Santa Barbara and the Atlantic Ocean and we have access to a great beach, a lovely restaurant and bar right on the beach and a beautiful pool on the beach.

We also have a choice of five restaurants and many options when it comes to facilities. We are a large resort, so if you think you are best served with self-catering, you can browse the wide selection online.

The best accommodations in St. John are the small independent charmers that can be found in the two small towns of the island. Camping is possible in any part of the islands, but we have expanded our search to the most popular destinations in the Caribbean, such as Barbados, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Garden at the Sea B & B also features a romantic room right on the beach and a rustic restaurant. Each room has its own kitchen and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, but there are also many amenities such as a pool, a spa, a fitness center and even a spa house.

There are large balconies with large windows and there are great places to spot unusual sea creatures such as turtles, eagles and rays. Offshore is just as spectacular and snorkelling is found You directly on the beach, just off the coast of St. John US Virgin Islands. Everything is done to make the postcard - perfect sea views, from the beach to the sea and even the water itself.

Besides jungle and rainforest, the interior of St. John's is also home to several species of cacti And it's certainly lush. It is also a good place to stay in St. John and we recommend the beautiful beaches around the island. Cruz Bay is located just off the coast of the US Virgin Islands, just on the edge of a beach, but it is certainly lush and is the best place for snorkeling, fishing and other activities.

Concordia Eco Resort is a collection of condominiums, tents, studios and apartments located on a green hill overlooking a beautiful bay. The place is quite crowded, so expect the peak season between December and March, but for a quieter and cheaper alternative, consider visiting in April or June.

More About Saint John

More About Saint John